Handbook of Measurement Science

P. H. Sydenham, R. Thorne


A handbook stressing the enduring theoretical principles of the design of measurement systems. The material is organized to correspond to the sequence in which a management system is first conceived, then designed, built, installed, and maintained. Includes the latest information on digital signals, pattern recognition, digital data networks and feedback systems design, and focus on the problem of extracting signals in the presence of noise sources at any useful depth

Volume 1, Theoretical Fundamentals

Theory and Philosophy of Measurement (L. Finklestein).
Standardization of Measurement Fundamentals and Practices (P. H. Sydenham).
Signals and Systems in the Time and Frequency Domain (E. G. Woschni).
Discrete Signals and Frequency Spectra (M. J. Miller).
Measurement Errors, Probability and Information Theory (D. Hofmann).
Signal-to-noise Ratio Improvement (D. M. Munroe).
Transmission of Data (R. W. Grimes). 

Volume 2, Practical Fundamentals

Static and Steady-State Considerations (P. Sydenham).
Fundamentals of Transducers: Description by Mathematical Models (L. Finkelstein & R. Watts).
Measurement of Electrical Signals and Quantities (L. Schnell).
Electrical and Electronic Regime of Measuring Instruments (P. Sydenham).
Transducer Practice: Displacement (P. Sydenham).
Transducer Practice: Thermal (P. Sydenham).
Design and Manufacture of Measurement Systems (F. Peuscher).
Management of Existing Measurement Systems (J. Hobson).
Sources of Information on Measurement (P. Sydenham).

Volume 3, Elements of Change

    General Principles of Formation in Measurement Science and Technology (L. Finkelstein).
    Condition Monitoring (A. Baldin).
    Microelectronics in Instrumentation (M. Haskard).
    Fiber Optics in Instrumentation (R. Spooncer).
    Computer Aided Engineering of Instrumentation (N. Hancock).
    Active and Passive Role of Materials in Measurement Systems (W. Duckworth, et al.).
    Intelligent Instruments (S. Howell & S. Hamilton). 


P. H. Sydenham, R. Thorn
Handbook of Measurement Science, 
    Volume 1, Theoretical Fundamentals - ISBN: 0-471-10037-4
            678 pages - January 1996
    Volume 2, Practical Fundamentals - ISBN: 0-471-10493-0
            782 pages - January 1996 
    Volume 3, Elements of Change - ISBN: 0-471-92219-6
            600 pages - January 1996
John Wiley & Son's, New York